A Farewell for our Beloved Wolverine




These days, superhero genre has become one of the most profitable movies of all time. With such a high demand for superhero movies, studios executives were racing to produce brand new superhero everytime. Over the years we watch at least one or two superhero released each year. From the terrible ones like Fan4tastic to great ones like Avengers. Last year, one superhero movie rise above the rest to be one of the best films of 2017. It really gave the fans a beautiful farewell to the character.

It’s the wolverine origin story titled Logan. Let’s be honest here, X men universe has going through ups and downs, sometimes it’s good but sometimes it’s not so good. But this one? Well, it’s so good, even the fanboys worship the movie! One of the reason why is because this film ends Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in a rather spectaculan fashion. This is a wolverine movie unlike any other previous one.

Logan tell a story about Logan aka Wolverine in the year 2029 where the mutant species was on the verge of extinction because in 25 years, there’s no new born mutant. Logan worked as a limo driver in Texas as his  healing power has weakened and he’s getting old. He lives with Caliban (another mutant) and ageing Charles Xavier. One day, a former nurse of biotechnology corporation hire Logan to escort an 11 year old girl named Laura to Eden a refuge in North Dakota. At first Logan didn’t want to do it but he agreed eventually.

Things started to get interesting as they were chased by a cyborg named Donald Pierce and they eventually discovers that Laura is actually a mutant too. It’s a thrilling ride and journey to watch this movie specially if you’re a comic book fan. This movie also doesn’t shy away from violence and blood because it’s rated R. So if you’re really into that stuff, I’m sure you’re going to love it. What’s so surprising for me is the depiction of our lead character Logan. I mean it really take balls  for the studio to greenlit such a movie and it’s well worth it! As a result, they make a very unique take on superhero genre.

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As an audience you wouldn’t feel like you’re watching a superhero movie. I feel like I was just watching an ordinary movie with wolverine in it. That’s a good thing because this actually make us more relateable to the character. They make us really care for Logan so in the end of the movie, the farewell feels really touching and we’re going to miss Hugh Jackman. I never thought I could feel that way in a superhero movie.

It’s quite a gloomy movie with an action spectacle that always make you alert and watch the screen. It’s one part tragedy and depressing but on the other part it’s an action packed superhero movie. It’s like swalowing a very bitter pills but you drink it up with coca cola. Don’t try this at home by the way, but that’s just a way for me to describe this movie. On the core of the movie, it’s very pessimistic and depressing but we also watch quite a lot of fun on it so in a way it’s a bittersweet tragedy.

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One thing I don’t like about this movie is the villain. I know it’s very hard to make a good villain. I get it. But Donald Pierce as a villain in this movie didn’t really shine to make me scared. For me his presence is just a mere formality. I could relate to logan’s journey and inner turmoil but Donald Pierce could have been stronger as a character.

In the end this movie is amazing! I’m sure there are a lot of you who love this movie. Even some people consider this movie were snubbed by the Oscar this year. Me personaly, I wouldn’t go that far but I do really think this is a solid superhero movie. A very refreshing take on the genre and this would open up another R rated superhero movie in the future. I’m not going to spoil anything for the end of the movie, but I think if this is the last time we’ve ever gonna see Wolverine, that’s a proper farewell for him. So go watch it yourself to see wolverine the last time on screen.