Critical Eleven of Marriage




In every relationship, particulary when you’ve just married, things might be a bit tricky at first. For some it’s the happiest period of their lives but for others, it can be the hardest time as well because things are not stable enough so there’s a few problems here and there. In marriage things can go either way and sometimes it can even go both ways. It’s good at first but gone bad all of the sudden as the relationship progress.

Just like planes, marriage can be critical as well. This movie title was taken from terms Critical Eleven which is the most crucial time during the flight of each aeroplane. This begins from 3 minutes after take off and 8 minutes before landing. And the terms Critical Eleven really sums up the story you’re going to watch in this movie. It’s the most critical times in early stage of marriage.

Critical Eleven tells a story about Ale played by Reza Rahadian that met Anya played by Adinia Wirasti in a flight from Jakarta to Sidney. They met on the plane and after the meeting, they eventually forms a romantic relationship and finally getting married. That’s just the happy part of the story. The rest of the movie feels really different than the first twenty minutes of the movie.

In short, their happy marriage falls apart after Anya had miscarriage. And things started to get even more depressing as their relationship are getting worse and worse. Adapted from best selling novel of the same name, this movie feels more grounded to reality although a few cliché were still there and you can notice it in certain parts.  But the actors honestly make me forget about all that because they were amazing! They really stands out!

Both Reza and Adinia gave a very great performances. They both really lovely as a couple and they both really sweet together. They carry this movie altogether and they make me really feel their struggles. For girls they will wish that Ale exist in real life and for man, I think they will probably wish they’re Ale. They’ve done their best to play the characters and I do wish they were dating in real life because their chemistry is so good!

I like the way they framed the story in this movie. First half of the movie is the happy part, and then things started to shift little by little. As we attached to both characters, things were just getting worse and worse making us really hope they will survive their marriage. It tells a very good lesson specially for those who wishes to get married soon.

One thing I don’t like about this movie is the pacing. A few minutes in, the pace seems sloppy as if they wanted Ale and Anya to be together as quickly as they can. As a result we don’t really know much from both characters when the movie begins. All we know is the generic information that didn’t really distinguish the characters from any other movie. In fact I can’t quite grasp their characters until midway point of the movie, and that is a very big problem in their story design.

Maybe for people that read the books they can understand the characters, but for me that didn’t read it? There are also a few plot point that feels kinda rush for me. Although they made it up in the second half of the movie as the story getting better as they reach the climax. I still think that the choices the characters made kinda simplistic just like typical drama tropes.

For me, this movie is sweet and very lovely, I love the cast, but their characters seems a bit simplistic sadly. It still didn’t make them stand out among  other dramas. If it wasn’t Reza and Adinia, I’m sure it would be way more cheesy and feels like any other drama. And the dialog is not really special, in fact in a few scenes it feels kinda cheesy for me.

But despite my criticism, I still I appreciate the story and the movie. I do think they make a decent drama and an enjoyable movie. I still can enjoy it. This is not a perfect movie but at least it gave us a glimpse of “critical eleven” in marriage. And did Anya and Ale survive? Well I think you should watch it if you want to know the answer!