Get Out from here!




If you like watching youtube comedy sketch videos the chances are you’ve watched Key & Peele. They’re very funny and offered a very great comedy in youtube. But who knows that Jordan Peele who stars on the famous youtube videos could produce a very great film. In 2015, we previously watched Adam Mc Kay made The Big Short a satire about American housing market crisis in 2008. It’s quite a shock because he used to make comedy movies, but this year, Jordan Peele made even more surprising than Adam Mc Kay as his movie “Get Out” gross over 200 millions and generate a huge amount of buzz on the process.

Get Out offered a very fresh take on a horror genre with a blend of social commentary to racial problems in the US. No wonder last year everyone talked about this movie. What’s more special about it is the fact that Jordan Peele could crafts a very solid story and plot so that we could enjoy the film without being preachy and pretentious. Get Out even won the Oscar this year for best original screenplay.

Basically it tells a story of Chris played by a breakthough actor Daniel Kaluuya who visit his girlfriend’s parents house in the cabin in the woods. It’s a very simple plot but as it turns out, the parents weren’t as ordinary as they may seem. They seem weird and bizzare, specially his girlfriend’s brother which constantly make a very awkward dialogs and uncomfortable behavior. Not to mention the mom that could literally hypnotize Chris with just a cup of tea. That’s scary as hell!

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In the middle of the movie, things started to get even weirder when the family held a garden party where their friends come and seems to be obsessed with Chris’s blackness. The racial commentary seems very prominent as the white people constantly admire black people in a rather unpleasing way. Of course in the movie, that makes Chris feel very uncomfortable. But when he plan to get out from the cabin, things becomes very complicated.

You gotta watch the movie if you want to know the rest of the story. But there’s a fair amount of excitement and thrilling scenes there. After watching it you would feel both stunned and start to wonder the meaning behind it. What’s so great about this movie is how Jordan Peele decides to tell his take on racial stereotypes and critics through the story. He tells it with symbolism and he really maximize and utilize the power of the genre to show the audience how uncomfortable the issue is.

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So in a way, it’s like you’ve learned something without actually going to the classroom. It’s very rare these days for a movie like this to actually gain a huge success. So when I first heard about it, I started to wonder how great that was. When I watched it, I kinda see the point. It such a very wonderful experience and we gotta see a powerfull acting combined with a thriller vibes. It really bring up a lot of things to a discuss and really reflects our current situation specially in the US.

The term get out which was also the title of the movie is a very strong statement for racial problems in America. When you watch the  movie you started to feel and sympathize with Chris. Not to mention, you gotta feel like you’ve just wanted “get out” from there. You really couldn’t see that coming did you? I mean how many horror movies have such a deep and powefull message to the audience? That’s one of the strongest elements from this movie. By doing so, Jordan Peele could avoid cliché and actually crafts quite an original movie.

With a debut this good, I think Jordan Peele has a very bright future in directing. If he continues to make this kinda thought provoking films I’m sure he’s going to be a very successful director. Or maybe he could mix it up with Key & Peele vibes so it could have a bit comedic tone in his next movie? Who knows, we’re just going to watch what he made next after this.