Justice League of DC




If you talk about the superheroes, you probably will say Spiderman, Captain America or Iron Man. That’s a very understandable answer specially because they’re The Avengers and Marvel films specificly has made a name of themselves by making  a good superhero flicks. Now if you like comic books, you know that Marvel is not the only  comic books that produces a great hero. DC on the other hand also have a lot of superheroes. But sadly, over the years, their DC EU movies are trashed by the critics and were divided by their own fans and audience.

If you look at the rating and critics, Wonder Woman probably is the most successful films of DC in recent years. But that’s not enough to compete with Marvel Cinematic Universes so DC needs to make up their own team to deal with The Avengers. So they come up with Justice League. This film was previously directed by Zack Snyder before he step out and being replaced by Joss Weedon. Although being through some difficulties and production problems, finally Justice League was released in 2017.

Justice League continues the story after Batman v Superman as Batman and Wonder Woman trying to assemble the team in this film. The entourage consist of aquaman, cyborg, and also the flash. In the movie, they have to face Steppenwolf that wanted to take over the earth by unifying the energy of three mother boxes. As a story, this doesn’t really stand out and to be honest was quite a generic one.

The movie surprisingly were pretty good, enjoyable, and the most important thing is : short. The duration is only about 2 hours, not 2,5 hours like Batman  v Superman so the duration was way shorter. Although it’s also become the main problem of the movie. Duration makes this movie feels very rushed. There are a lot of scenes that seems incomplete.

I think it may occurred because they’ve changed directors in the middle of production so they have to reshoot or even deleted some key part of the story. Not to mention, Henry Cavill’s CGI mouth. That’s a huge problem because it really makes the story uneven. It’s like I’m watching a series of montages without a paid off in the end. I know a lot of people hate CGI villain and this time, I do really hate steppenwolf. He’s just a generic villain with no clear motivation.

I feel more scared of superman’s power. In the middle of the movie, there’s a scene where all of them fighting Superman and all of them were defeated, it’s like he’s a god! And the worst part of the movie is batman. I didn’t blame it on Afleck’s performance. He’s a great batman, and I love him in the Batman v Superman, he’s literally the best thing from that movie. But in this one, he’s the worst. It’s been established that batman’s power is his wealth, and has become a running joke in the movie but that’s it.

We didn’t see him do anything substantial or meaningfull. He’s useless compare to other member who had superpowers. Despite all of the criticism, I’m sure a fanatic comicbook fan would say that this movie is better in Snyder cut version or whatever. But I really think this is a very strong reminder to Warner Bros and DC. They can’t treat their properties like this. As a moviegoers I don’t care if this film even had 100 versions of cut. If it’s not good enough, it would not be good enough.

And I have to say, it’s an enjoyable time watching this movie. I still can enjoy it but it didn’t do anything better than their previous attempts. Apart from Wonder Woman, DC EU sadly needs a lot more work to do if they wanted to compete with MCU. Watching this movie is like eating a very good looking tenderloin, but when you slice in the middle, it’s raw. If you like “rare” meat maybe you’ll eat it but if you don’t like it, you’re not going to eat it.

At the end of the day, Justice League is not an improvement nor the worst DC EU movies. Justice League just simply have less problems than DC EU previous films. If they wanted to be a serious contender to MCU, they have to fix their core problems specially their characters and their story.  By then, maybe we could’ve hope there will be a time when DC EU actually beat MCU superheroes.