The Search of Identity in Lady Bird

Lady Bird

The Search of Identity in Lady Bird

Last year there was a movie that stole everyone eyes and got 99% by Rotten Tomatoes. That movie is a coming of age story about a girl “Lady Bird” (Saoirse Ronan) in her senior year in a catholic high school who’s struggling with pretty much every single relationship she has (with her mother, friends, boyfriend, siblings and even her bird name). The story was not really special, there are tons of movies about the struggle of being a teenager, then what makes Lady Bird such a big hit in box office?

Lady Bird was directed by Greta Gerwig. You may know her from Noah Baumbach movies like Greenberg or Frances Ha. This is her debut as a director and she also the writer of this movie. It tells a story of a girl who live in Sacremento. Fun fact: Greta was a native teacher at Sacremento. After she meet Ronan and tell about her idea, Ronan came up with the idea for this caracter name, yep! Its “Lady Bird”. Ronan said to Greta “why don’t you call me Lady Bird?” she said that name has no meaning it just pop up on their head when they read the script.

Back to the question, so what makes Lady Bird such a special movie than any other coming of age movie? This movie was fueled with life lesson that we might not noticed before. It is a pure movie that show us the human nature and show us if everyone (no matter young or old) has their own problem. Seometimes we try to hide it away, but most of the time we fake our condition and hope nobody notice but deeply we scream a help and hope other people to lend a hand for us.

That’s kinda deep and to be honest I think everyone can easily relate to that one way or another. It also explores the identity crisis and the ambiguity of teenager desires with such ease. In the trailer we know “Lady Bird” is not her given name, actually her name is Christine. But she prefer to be called as “Lady Bird”. The thing is even her parents was not even mad with her for already changing her bird name. They called her as the way she want to be called. Why? Because for parents (aged people) a name is not a big deal, instead of that a quality of someone is a way more important.

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That’s why Lady bird never get a problem for changing her name but she always get a problem because of her attitude. Is it wrong? We realize its not, it is the human nature of a parents who want their children to have a good quality of human being and its human nature of a children to keep rejected and rebelling everything that given by their parents. Maybe it’s a dream for every teenager to change their name.

For a teenager a name is not only a “name”, more than that a name is their identity. That time when Lady Bird change her name was a symbol that she want to out from any control of her parents. It is a dream for every children to seek and find their true identity without any preasure from their parents.  For the parents, this movie show us that if you keep your children under your eyes and not even give them a free space where they can be everything they want, they will keep rebelling and rejecting. ‘Lady Bird” was a symbol of every teenager dream who wants to get out of their house, leaving their strict parents and living their life the way they wanted.

After all, this movie show us the beauty of our human nature. The strange side of our human nature that we might not realize before but always there inside of ourself. This movie show us to embrace our self, scream if we need help, cry if we feel sad, make a difference if we didn’t feel comfortable and go for ourself. Go create our own adventure and living our life to the fullest. It’s a very strong debut for Gerwig and this movie really deserves all the praises from the critics!


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