When Grandma’s Having Sweet 20


Do you like watching Korean films? In Indonesia, Korean dramas and Korean film fanbase is quite huge and there are lots of people idolizing Korean actors and actresses. Not to mention the k-pop music that invades our country from early 2010’s to 2015ish. It’s safe to say that Korean pop cultures have made a deep impact in Indonesia’s pop culture. Including film industries too.

A few Indonesian soap opera sometimes borrows from Korean dramas plot or even bluntly copy from them. But we rarely watch an Indonesian film adapted from Korean films before, specially if the it was produced with the association from CJ Entertainment from Korea. The collaboration resulting this movie titled Sweet 20, adapted from“Miss Granny”.

In Korea, Miss Granny was a huge success and one of the box office movies there. The premise is quite unique too. And when you blend it with comedy we will have a very enjoyable movie. The Indonesian adaptation is also pretty good. This movie was played by Tatjana Saphira and tells a story of Fatma, a grandma who leaves home after she overheard her son has a plan to move her to nursing home. When she’s walking the street, she visited a photo studio called “Forever Young”.

Surprisingly, she suddenly turns 50 years younger. As the time goes, she started to infiltrate her friends and family lives by creating a new identity and call her self Mieke. She started to be friends with her grandson and helping him with his band. Overall this movie offers a solid and decent comedy. Not to mention the moral value about family that also quite visible in the movie. The comedy feels a bit cheesy but it’s enough to make the audience laugh.

In the middle of the movie, it turns into a musical drama as Mieke become the vocalist of her grand son’s band. It’s pretty fun although the lipsync is a bit distracting me, but Tatjana gave all she got to play the part and it’s pretty great. I could enjoy the movie because at first I was afraid that it could be flat and unfunny. But Tatjana really deserves a praise here as she really play the role quite well and fluent.  All the supporting cast also play the part very good.

Although I think Morgan Oey was a miscast. I don’t know why but I don’t believe his character. He’s supposed to be a charming handsome man that have power in his hand. But all I got from him is just handsome. He looks good but he didn’t have the charisma to be as charming as it should be. He didn’t shine in this one but it doesn’t really ruin the movie.

I also like the tone and colour of the movie. It’s so colourfull, probably because they’ve collaborated with CJ Entertainment so they could copy the original movie’s tone. But it sure looks pretty good on screen. Watching this movie is like eating a very big round lollipop with lots of flavours on it. It looks very colourfull and taste really sweet.

Although the movie was adapted from Korean film, but we wouldn’t feel the Korean vibes here. Sweet 20 feels grounded to Indonesian culture because it was adapted rather good. The generation gap jokes was quite funny at times although a few of those feels slightly unnecessary and overdo. But for me this movie still lacks the heart. This is an entertaining movie, but that’s it. It stops there.

It’s a good adaptation but it lacks the heart and the touchy feely that the original offered. It’s a sweet and fun ride but during the last 20 minutes of the movie, it turns into a cheesy family drama. We’re forgetting the deeper character’s problem and inner conflict because we spent the most part of story in happiness, comedy and the fun they had. The choices Mieke made in the end of the story didn’t really impact audience as it supposed to be.  As a result, it just fell flat. In the end, it’s a great flick. It’s an entertaining movie especially if you watch it with your family. It’s a very good adapttion too and you’ll have fun watching it.


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